·       May it be.mp3

·       A storm is coming.mp3

·       Anduril.mp3

·       Ash and Smoke.mp3

·       Cirith Ungol.mp 3

·       Hope and Memory.mp3

·       Hope Fails.mp3

·       Into the West performed by Annie Lennox.mp3

·       Minas Morgul.mp3

·       Minas Tirith featuring Ben del Maestro.mp3

·       Shelob's Lair.mp3

·       The Black Gate Opens featuring James Galway.mp3

·       The End of All Things featuring Renee Fleming.mp3

·       The Fields of the Pelennor.mp3

·       The Grey Havens featuring James Galway.mp3

·       The Return of the King featuring Sir James Gatway, Viggo Mor.mp3

·       The Ride of the Rohirrin.mp3

·       The Steward of Gondor featuring Billy Boud.mp3

·       The White There.mp3

·       Twilight and Shadow featuring Renee Fleming.mp3



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